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I am no stranger to pain and stress

Hi, I am Alexandra Herold and I am super excited to meet you!

I am a mother, a wife, a Reg. Acupuncturist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, meditation teacher and entrepreneur. I specialize in helping people from all walks of life transform pain, stress and suffering into inner growth, resilience and emotional freedom by showing them how to honor and nurture their body, mind and spirit.

I support them so that they once again can live purposeful, joy-filled and healthy lives, while feeling empowered, strong and confident. I have a special affinity for emotional and spiritual health, which often is overlooked, but yet so very crucially important. 

Having overcome chronic pain, stress and different other life challenges myself, let me tell you, I know what it can be like. I combine my personal experience with years of experience treating hundreds of people with pain and fuse it with my empathetic and passionate ability to connect with people. This has given me the tools and understanding what it needs to help others to overcome their struggles as well.

What is Health Coaching?

As your healthcoach I am here to help you identify what's holding you back in the present, and what you can do to achieve your desired outcome in the future. It is about asking the right questions, about hearing you and cheering you on. Coaching validates your current situation and emotions, and helps to identify your challenges, and ways for moving out of those challenges into creating the life that you desire. Coaching helps you to find strength within yourself for exploration of your fears, for focusing on the future, for better managing emotions and for creating the results that you want. 


Let's transform lives, let's get healthy together,

let's get you going strong again in your  life!


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