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I feel very blessed

Thank you for such wonderful testimonials! I am truly blessed, and am thankful for each and every opportunity walking alongside proactive, powerful and inspirational people on their health journey! 

"I did coaching with Alexandra  to raise my spiritual awareness of myself as I was pretty unaware of who I was and attributes of what I possessed within myself. Alexandra's coaching brought out so much I never realized and allowed myself to actually see who
I was.

Would I recommend her course? Absolutely, -  as a coach she is not only very knowledgeable but has the ability to ask the right questions. The homework tasks were thought provoking and raised my spirituality along with my conscious level. An excellent course."

D. Willis,BC, Canada

"...Alexandra has so much knowledge about holistic medicine, wellness and the whole body, it is amazing. She is very empathetic and a great listener. You  can tell that she really wants to help you. I wouldn't miss my sessions with her for anything..."

Jenny B, BC, Canada


" Alexandra is amazing, inside and out. I can't express enough just how much she has helped me. Thank you!" 

Tammy F.,BC, Canada


I completed 13 sessions of spiritual health coaching with Alexandra and it's helped me so much in so many ways. My perspective of who I thought I was and what I could do to change my thoughts and beliefs has completely changed. I went from believing this is the way I am to a deep understanding that I can be anything that I choose. I feel so much more powerful to be able to create change within ... as Alexandra teaches you how to in a very kind loving way. 

I highly recommend Alexandra's coaching to anyone interested in changing their lives. 

Connie F., BC, Canada


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